Every soldier has a story.  

Each warrior lives an odyssey.


Since Homer first sang of war and its aftermath, we have known the journey home to be perilous and long. But even poetry cannot penetrate the reality of the twenty-first century soldier.


Returning from combat, veterans are confronted with a deluge of maladies.  From physical wounds and medical disabilities, to spiritual alienation and the ancient psychological scars that finally bear officially recognized names – Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  The modern American Veteran fights a dangerous new war the day they return.


Except over 215,000 veterans have no home to return to.  Many have lost support of family and friends as they struggle with their wounds, both physical and invisible.  Others have no family at all.  Some are 62; some are 22.   Among women vets, in recent years homelessness has increased a staggering 140%. The Veterans Administration (VA), overwhelmed and understaffed, classifies warriors as ‘disabled.’ Buried in paperwork, they lose their identity as soldiers; they become percentages. 

The focus of Veteran Homestead is on reclamation and regeneration.  Created by a Vietnam veteran and staffed with experts who share the compassion and commitment to treat and accommodate wounded heroes in their transition
to civilian life.  With six unique programs, Veteran Homestead is an independent non-profit solution for the medical, psychological and spiritual care veterans require. No veteran should be discarded, and neither should their experience,
and Veteran Homestead facilities are designed to provide a safe haven for wounded soldiers to regain dignity and restore quality of life.