NVTRC - Northeast Veteran Training and Rehabilitation Center

Gardner, Massachusetts

The Northeast Veteran Training and Rehabilitation Center (NVTRC), is a private Veteran community.  Veteran Homestead Inc. (VHI) offers a secure, quiet living space at low cost, with most utilities included.  Photovoltaic electric and geothermal heat and cooling provide for most of the utilities expenses at the Center.  

We are a family oriented community based program offering assistance with case management, finances, interpersonal relationships and budget management.

The NVTRC can provide resources for first time home buyers, access to service dogs, help with resume writing, and career guidance.  We offer counseling for PTSD and MST providing the appropriate care for veterans dealing with this type of trauma.  Some of the amenities we have on site are a lap pool, spa, workout area, a physical therapy center available to volunteer clinicians and recreational activities.


Our partnership with Mount Wachusett Community College provides a community full of opportunities and benefits.  

Matthew Casaubon,

Case Manager


NVTRC with flag
NVTRC entrance plaque
NVTRC Victory Lane
NVTRC Armistice Way
NVTRC Home Depot dedication
NVTRC swimming pool
NVTRC physical therapy
NVTRC physical therapy room
NVTRC Leslie FoxNews
NVTRC veteran's daughter
NVTRC playground
NVTRC atrium
NVTRC vets shooting pool
NVTRC vet playing guitar

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